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Calendula and Citrus Exfoliant

This gentle exfoliant leaves tired, thick skin fresh and plump with moisture. The light texture is perfect for even oily skin types. The rich, golden color of this cleanser comes from calendula, traditionally used to treat bruises and inflammations, healing skin and increasing cell turnover. Typically used for dry, sensitive skin, calendula is a potent anti-oxidant. Essential oil from wild combava grown in the rain forest of Madagascar, along with blood orange, tangerine and ylang ylang oils, creates a deliciously addictive scent. These essential oils have a natural synergy that revitalizes the skin and combat sluggishness.

Rose, Chamomile, and Lemon Balm Steam Sachet

Let your mind and body realx with this natural and gentle fragrance. The warm steam helps to soften the skin and open the pores allowing them to drink up your treatment mask, and provide the most effective results!

Cooling Cucumber Mask

Created to help reduce inflammation, this mask contains cucumber extract for a refreshing and soothing sensation on the skin. Senna seed oil decreases the skins water loss thus boosting the skin’s defense system. Moringa extract is known to have a purifying and cleansing effect and, when used in skin care, the extract protects against pollutants and environmental stress. Gotu Kola, a fresh herb, helps firm the skin and prevent wrinkles and stimulates collagen production

Customer Reviews

I really enjoy the opportunity to pamper myself and relax while doing my facial. The steaming step is my favorite part!


I finally feel like having a mini facial can be part of my skincare routine!  I have sensitive skin and the products Nicole chose met my skin type perfectly.  My skin looks and feels so good


Five stars for sure! Nicole has transformed my post-baby, acne-ridden skin! So thankful for her expertise, personal recommendations, and her amazing products!!


Are you ready for beautifully balanced skin?