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Our Skin Care Products

Fresh, Clean, Organic

Lemon Chiffon Exfoliating Scrub

This nutrient-rich scrub smoothes, hydrates, and balances as well as reduces inflammation. Precious essential oils of cold-pressed lemon and steam-distilled cypress stimulate cell turnover and encourage the skin’s regenerative properties. Non-clogging apricot kernel oil is beneficial to all skin types, especially mature, sensitive, dry and inflamed. Natural jojoba beads roll away flakey, dry surface skin stimulating circulation to reveal skin that is polished, renewed, moist and vibrant. This gentle exfoliation effectively removes impurities and dead skin cells.

Calendula and Citrus Exfoliant

This gentle exfoliant leaves tired, thick skin fresh and plump with moisture. The light texture is perfect for even oily skin types. The rich, golden color of this cleanser comes from calendula, traditionally used to treat bruises and inflammations, healing skin and increasing cell turnover. Typically used for dry, sensitive skin, calendula is a potent anti-oxidant. Essential oil from wild combava grown in the rain forest of Madagascar, along with blood orange, tangerine and ylang ylang oils, creates a deliciously addictive scent. These essential oils have a natural synergy that revitalizes the skin and combat sluggishness.

Pomegranate Exfoliating Enzyme

Physical exfoliants can be harsh on some skin types, cause inflammation, and break capillaries. Delicately removing cell build-up with natural fruit enzymes avoids this damage. Sodium hyaluronate is a natural, vegetable source of hyaluronic acid that penetrates the epidermis and prevents dehydration. Teamed with aloe vera, this crucial hydrator lends our enzyme masque a skin-calming effect that’s essential to supporting exfoliation of the outer layer without irritation.

Customer Reviews

I really enjoy the opportunity to pamper myself and relax while doing my facial. The steaming step is my favorite part!


I finally feel like having a mini facial can be part of my skincare routine!  I have sensitive skin and the products Nicole chose met my skin type perfectly.  My skin looks and feels so good


Five stars for sure! Nicole has transformed my post-baby, acne-ridden skin! So thankful for her expertise, personal recommendations, and her amazing products!!


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